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Your Opinion Counts! Tell me your impression about trips!

I do like to read about other people experiences visiting the place I have been to, so you are welcome to share your impressions of trips, or to post links to your trip reviews or articles, thanks:) One of the greatest things about travel is that it broadens your mind. You experience new things, meet new people, discover new places. Even a week of travel can change your way of thinking considerably. Every trip is a little struggle, and if you win it, you get something in return. Perhaps you become stronger and healthier (after spending a month in the mountains), or more enduring (after spending 24 hours in a bus). But the reward can be as simple as a friendly smile of a stranger or a feeling of mutual understanding with other person. Every trip shares something with you, you just have to embrace it and enjoy every single moment of it. If you are one of those lucky ones who want to share with others their unique travel impressions, please write comments :P


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