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Best Places in the World

Sometimes, when the travel bug strikes, the only cure is to pack your bags and go. But where to? <<Places>> show you the top vacation destinations around the globe. Our list includes countries, exotic islands, public gardens, castles, rivers, sunrises, sunsets, fish aquariums, flowers, tips, funny and sweet animals AND MORE. Each movie from the blog is a result of the pictures or movies received, for free, from friends, family members or strangers. Every one of us desire to visit wonderful places in our lifetime. It is the dream of every human being. If you set aside a personal budget these dreams can become a reality.  Here are the more then 35 countries, amazing and wonderful places in the world, which you can plan to vacation, travel to, or visit in your lifetime. We hope you found something that sparked interest on our website. Press the "like button" on top if you like Places!


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